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Abdul Mamoon, an artist from Edmonton, AB with works ranging from landscapes to still figures.

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Just had a look at your photos...amazing!!!
Chris Stewart - 21 Dec 2012
Beautiful work. Thank you so much for sharing your art.
Danine -Speedy Glass csr - 30 Jun 2012
I am very pleased to meet you Mamoon. I really appreciate and enjoy landscapes. That is why I spend so much time outside. I hope we meet again on one of the group walks.
Alan Loose - 19 Mar 2012
Mamoon Bhaiya. Amazing Art works. Especially the way you have depicted scenic beauty in your paintings. Just love & respect your works from bottom of my heart.
Hasan Wares Hadi - 31 Oct 2011
Mamoon! kewlll stuff.
Derek Brooks - 7 Sep 2011
You have some amazing artwork Mamoon... I love the landscape pictures that you have done... you can see the inspiration from the Jasper area! Keep up the awesome work!
Kevin Herman - 25 Aug 2011
Awesome work Mamoon - thank you so much for passing on the link to your site :) I loved the pieces Mountain River and Autumn in Bloom, as well as the vivid colors in the Bangladesh pieces ~ beautiful! :)
Sherri Tirschmann - 25 Aug 2011
Wow! I do love the new work. Can't wait till you get your own show.
Chris Stewart - 17 Aug 2011
Well done. Keep up the good work.
Hasan Shaheed A Rahim - 12 Jul 2011
Love the new work!
Christine Stewart - 24 Feb 2011
Wow! I am so impressed Mamoon... who'd have thought there was so much talent hiding in the SRD Provincial Warehouse all this time!! Can't wait to see more!
Robin Barnes - 18 Nov 2010
Nice work, I thought you said you were going to start doing nudes of various famous forestry staff?
Vince Fleming - 10 Nov 2010
Your style is very unique and I will always treasure the paintings you have given me over the years. Best wishes with your new career!
Christine Stewart - 23 Sep 2010
Well done, Mamoon Chacha. We are highly impressed by your talent. Rabu still remembers that you used to draw paintings when you were young. Keep up the good works. Firoze, Rabu and Shahroze-12 Sep 2010
Firoze Khan - 12 Sep 2010
Hey Mamoon! Great paintings! We love the Maligne Lake one! Good luck with your new career. The website is fantastic!
Leona & Martin Erl - 7 Sep 2010
Castle mountain and Morning Fog By The Lake - feels like I'm there!Wishing you much success Sir
Tim Klein - 20 Aug 2010
This site really shows your true talent. Really beautiful landscape prespective.
Marie Halladay - 19 Aug 2010
Beautiful work Mamoon ... so good to see you following your dream ...
Lynne Janzen - 18 Aug 2010
Good to have time to finally express your talent. All the best in your new career. More pictures of Bangladesh? Well designed website.
Danielle Sikander - 12 Aug 2010
I'm very impressed with your work. A couple of pieces caught our attention. Keep up the good work. We'll drop by to see your progress.
Jackie & Bill Bradshaw - 11 Aug 2010
Awesome Mamoon! The work is wonderful and the landscapes really do portray the serene, beauty of the lanscapes. Wishing you much success with this. Maureen
Maureen Pulhug - 6 Aug 2010
Congratulations, Mamoon. Good for you.
Abdul Naim Kamal - 5 Aug 2010
Way to go Mamoon. Your pictures are awesome. I can finally say I know an artist!!!
Terry Seaborn - 5 Aug 2010
Go... go...go... Mamoon! Had no idea you had this talent. Good luck with all your future endeavours. Anita 5 Aug, 2010
Anita Kamal - 5 Aug 2010
Awesome, Mamoon. I didn't know you had this talent. Good job.
Reg Ahlskog - 5 Aug 2010
Congratulations on the website Mamoon, you hvae some wonderful pictures, you have an excellent eye for painting, good luck with your new career as an artist.
Michael Dyer - 5 Aug 2010
I love the way you capture the mood of the day and the magnificence of the mountains. Very moving and truly lovely.
Chris Stewart - 5 Aug 2010
Great site Mamoon. Good to see you doing what you like. Keep it up. If you get down here, stop in.
Morgan Kehr - 5 Aug 2010
Looks Good Mamoon!
Brent Davis - 5 Aug 2010
Hey looking good Mamoon. Love the one you gave to me and Kay. Thank you very much, keep up the good work!
Jamie Badcock - 5 Aug 2010
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