Mamoon's Art Corner
Abdul Mamoon, an artist from Edmonton, AB with works ranging from landscapes to still figures.

Abdul Mamoon

I am a Canadian artist from Edmonton, Alberta. I started drawing and painting at an early age. I became interested in painting landscapes in watercolours in my early teens. Despite using other mediums such as oil and acrylic, watercolour is still my preferred medium.I took life art classes at a local art gallery. I found live model drawing very interesting to say the least, as I felt I have learned much from it. I am also an avid photographer of landscapes and wildlife. Recently I have developed a great interest in bird photography in particular. Arts and photography are more than a hobby to me, it has become a form of meditation.


I am a Canadian artist from Edmonton, Alberta. I am self taught. I started painting and drawing at a very early age. As far as I can recall, I drew and sketched all the time and still do. Drawing and painting has been more than a hobby for me, it is a form of meditation, an expression.

 I hope people enjoy my work and accept my work with open mind.